Closer inshore, there are a multitude of smaller game fish found in huge numbers.

These include the prized Southern Yellowtail and Cape Snoek and can be caught around December to February and again in July to September. Yellowtail range in size from a few kilograms to around 15kg (33lb) and can grow to over 40kg (88lb). We catch these feisty gamefish primarily by trolling but also by spinning, jigging and with poppers.

Found all year round along our coast, is the famous Cape Snoek, loved by the locals. A long, slender, bright silver fish, it is part of the Mackerel family, with a serious set of teeth much like a Barracuda. These fish range in size from 3kg to 8kg with the average weight being around 5kg. Don’t be fooled by their apparent light weight, these Snoek fight extremely hard and are not easily boated.

Other species for inshore reef fishing we come across are Hottentot Jacopever and Red Roman.